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Use Case

Procedural Adherence

What is the Procedural Adherence process?

Procedural Adherence documents the employees’ compliance of the internal company processes and policies, such as the correct use of the Personal Protective Equipment, to ensure efficiency and safety of the personnel.

Procedural Adherence applied to Industry 4.0

How is Procedural Adherence implemented?

An Ad-hoc report is created to register compliances objectives to incentivize procedural adherence. Therefore, non-compliant behaviors are mitigated and reduced. The report typically identifies the employees, the procedure not respected, and any other relevant information.


Procedural Adherence starts with the idea that workers must respect pre-established steps to execute an operation.


But how can managers guarantee this compliant behavior?

  1. Write the steps of the procedure
  2. Train employees, so they can see the real benefit of following procedures
  3. Make the procedure document easy to access
  4. Reward compliant behaviors 

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Process Digitalization

Our products can help digitize the reporting process and can help digitize any processes that need to be correctly executed. Individual adherence to procedures is critical to guarantee the safety of the personnel and the company

STEP 2: Automated reports

Automatic reports are generated so data is displayed in a visual way that facilitates both comprehension and analysis. The report can identify the non-compliant employees, the procedure not respected, among other informations.


Knowledge retention


Automated Reports

With Industry 4.0 tools, knowledge retention is optimized and accelerated. Mobility makes the procedural adherence process more efficient and uniform. This reduces both error and the probability of putting workers or equipment in dangerous situations. Thus, the reports generated by this process can serve as base of data for future situations.

How can we help?

The Glartek mobility products can enforce that processes are correctly executed. For example, demanding evidence that PPE is used, guaranteeing the correct location of the person, highlighting any hazards and ensuring that all the steps of the process are executed.

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