Glartek continues its international expansion and adds new languages to its Augmented & Connected Worker Solution

Glartek has made its digital solution available in new languages to meet the demands of new overseas clients; the company continues to sign new contracts with international players in the asset-intensive and manufacturing sectors.

Lisbon, Portugal – 30th of August 2023 – Glartek has today announced the introduction of new language options to its Augmented & Connected Worker platform. This change follows new business needs related to Glartek’s international expansion and the signing of new deals with international partners and clients.  

Glartek was already working with international leaders, such as DS Smith, Bosch, GE, and Daimler, among others. However, recently, Glartek established new partnerships and welcomed new clients entirely based abroad, which has led to the introduction of two new languages to the augmented and connected worker solution. As a result, the platform can now support Spanish and French. These changes are part of Glartek’s international expansion plan, outlined in 2022, which includes entering the Spanish and French markets.

In the past few months, Glartek began working with two high-profile clients. These include the Spanish leader in chemical recycling, Plastic Energy. This innovative company has adopted Augmented Reality capabilities to accelerate its training program. Simultaneously Glartek was selected by APAVE to improve management and training. This is a French-based organization specializing in risk management that has implemented digital and AR-based instructions in its operations. 

While the platform already supported Portuguese and English as its main languages, Glartek’s ambition is to introduce a broad range of languages to its platform in the near future. This is a crucial and strategic step that will allow Glartek not only to establish new partnerships and attract new clients from around the world but also enable its solution to be deployed by the same company or organization in factories located in different counties.  

This strategy goes hand in hand with the continuous improvements, updates, and new features introduced regularly. Ultimately, the main target is to make the platform highly customizable and capable of answering different challenges across various industries. 

“The introduction of new languages to the Augmented & Connected Worker Platform demonstrates our commitment to Glartek’s international expansion, but also the speed at which need we are conducting our expansion. These changes are just the first of various updates that will reflect the expansion of our platform to new territories. We are proud to be working with new clients and partners and to help businesses working in different domestic markets become more competitive.”

Bruno Duarte, CEO, Glartek

About Glartek 

Glartek, a VC-backed company founded in 2017, is a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the 
Industry. Its mission is to increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. Glartek’s software 
solutions combine the connected worker with AR to bring visibility, optimization, and reassurance to 
field operations. Its wide range of customers varies from asset-intensive companies, such as EDP and 
Finerge, and Manufacturing companies, such as Renault and Daimler Trucks.