CME increases its daily routines speed with the Augmented & Connected Worker solution - Glartek CME increases its daily routines speed with the Augmented & Connected Worker solution - Glartek

CME - leader in Construction and Maintenance, increased its daily routines speed with the Augmented & Connected Worker



CME is a leader in Construction and Electronical Maintenance. It is the most relevant company belonging to ProCM Group. The ProCM Group gathers several different companies to develop their activity in the area of service engineering with a high level of technological incorporation. The company counts with 3,480 workers working in Portugal, France, Cape Verde, Mauritania and Angola, and has a global annual revenue of $4.52 billion (2021).


The company’s always managed to ensure that operations were executed and concluded. However, tracking paper-based and none-equipment specified operations was not an easy task. CME had a lot of difficulties to gather evidence that processes were executed correctly, workers did not have enough support to execute tasks properly and there was no visibility of the operations.

Inefficient operations

Inefficient planning and production due to inefficient instructions provided to frontline workers.

Production errors

Repeated and avoidable errors happen. Operators make mistakes due to poor communication or misunderstood exchanges.

Lack of visibility

No visibility over operations, making it hard to ensure safety measures are taken.No real-time data to improve continously.

5S Audit Commissioning Inspections Layered Process Auditing (LPA)


Glartek’s solution combines a Connected Worker no-code and customisable platform that enables an augmented workforce. 

Standard procedures became much more accessible and contextualised for the operator. The Augmented & Connected Worker solution helped the company gathering evidence and record data from execution, ensuring that safety procedures were carried out.

"Thanks to an Augmented Workforce, we enabled a team that can do anything way faster, while at the same time do not require training that takes a lot of time. And we have perceived this change on the workers efficiency on our overall results in only a few months of having the solution implemented."

Malcom Malveiro, Head of Digital Technology at CME.


CME has implemented the Augmented & connected Worker solution to help workers with their daily tasks and routines. As a result, the company was able to streamline the creation and management of daily routines much easily.

7 %

Increase in production

38 %

Increase in operations’ speed

2 x

Faster room and on-the-job training

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