Myths about hands-free devices

There are several myths about hands-free devices that need to be deconstructed to understand the full potential of such technologies.

technological evolution in the industry infographic

Technological Evolution in the Industry

While the advancements in technology for general consumption are well-known, the watershed moments of technological progress in the industry are often overlooked. Discover some of the most important moments of the technological evolution in the industry.

Training in Industry 4.0

Training in Industry 4.0 has been shifting the way companies spend their budget and recruit new workers. New technologies allow to create a new and more efficient team, while reducing training time. Find how.

successful Digital Transformation

A successful Digital Transformation in 4 steps

Many businesses insist to maintain their paper-based processes and outdated practices, with the argument that changes are costly and demand training. However, it is not a choice anymore, but a mandatory step for companies.

Extended realities

Different types of Extended Realities

These three technologies, which are part of a broader concept called Extended Reality are still often mistaken. Read infographic to understand the differences between them all and their benefits for Industrial companies!

Industry 4.0 trends

Top Industry 4.0 Trends in 2021

During the last few years, Emerging technologies have been slowly gaining their way into the Industrial world. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, their popularity has significantly increased and a new digital era is finally starting to appear.