Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics ERP software is a business management tool for medium sized companies that helps companies to manage their data from different departments and operations.

The tool includes features such as Business Intelligence, reporting and forecasting. These features are applied to the management and evaluation of the information about financial data, inventory, sales, and human resources management.

What is an ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is defined as the ability to distribute and integrate various resources of a company in a common information management model. ERP platform are end-to-end solutions that charge and support the management of all operations of a company, from any department, from HR, to manufacturing or distribution. ERP applications generally automate and support a variety of a company's operational processes.

How Glartek products integrate with a ERP system?
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  • The product receives and synchronizes relevant data, such as work orders, asset list and stock.

  • Operators can view and validate data in 2D and AR while running processes. In addition, the result of the process execution is synchronized to the ERP back (for example, stock updates).

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