Increase operational efficiency.
Digitize and optimize any process, through a web platform, with support for 2D and augmented reality (AR) mobility.
Be part of manufacturing future

Industry 4.0 is increasingly becoming a reality. It allows companies to increase the overall productivity of their plant, raise efficiency standards and optimize your processes and operations.

Increase efficiency

Digitize processes to increase control, optimize their goal, tasks and costs, and reduce overall equipment downtime.

Accelerate decision-making

Access operations’ information in real time, and enable faster and more knowledgeable decisions.

Guarantee workers' safety

Analyze and identify high-risk processes, locations and equipment and guide employees through proper and risk-free executions.

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Eliminate paper-based processes

Ensure viable and centralized information to bring added value to your company. GlarBoard allows the digitization of all paper processes used in production, operations, maintenance and inspections. Transform data into a single digital format and achieve real-time visibility, support for execution, and global process optimization.

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Optimize information with system data

With Glartek, you can increase your plant's IoT capabilities. Make it possible to collect data from your equipment and transform that information into actual knowledge. Get global visibility on the correct way to execute processes, and augment your workers with real-time information.

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Reduce workers and specialization

Elevate the capabilities of each employee and enable one-man operations. Guide your employees through the execution of tasks in order to transform their capabilities. With GlarAssist you will reduce not only the number of workers needed, but also the need for specialization and training.

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Increase the overall factory safety levels

Increase processes, employees and equipment security, employees. GlarVision guarantees the safety of each team member, preventing them from placing themselves in high-risk situations or areas, and ensuring that employees are active. Ensure that the processes are carried out in an appropriate, safe and compliant manner, obtaining execution evidences.

Our products
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  • Digitize processes and centralize operational information.

  • Guarantee more visibility and use information to increase knowledge.

  • Make decisions based on facts, reduce tasks and increase efficiency.

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  • Augmented reality (AR) mobility, and real-time information.

  • Realistic training sessions, improved workers preparation.

  • Increase overall productivity with real-time and contextual information.

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  • Ensure expert remote assistance support for your employees.

  • Enable one man operations and reduce the number of workers.

  • Provide field workers with experts know-how when needed, reducing error likelihood.

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  • Diversify information sources by giving a voice to your machinery.

  • Increase the quality and visibility of your processes with a connected system.

  • Achieve better decision making with richer information support.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!