Maximize your processes and employees safety
The platform with AR support allows to display information in real time, access remote assistance from specialists, and guarantee the correct execution of the processes.
The future of energy starts here

Industry 4.0 is gaining relevance, hence it allows, in a simple way, a global optimization of results, and an increase in factory safety. Raise safety standards, ensuring optimized results.

Increase control

Digitize your processes and increase control over your operations, transforming processes into knowledge and optimizing results.

Costs reduction

Guarantee a decrease in production errors with more information provided from each process, and reduce costs with potential equipment downtime.

Detect risk

Detect dangerous situations that could endanger your operations. Ensure simple and credible safety mechanisms in your factory.

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Access information in real-time

Access all relevant information in the right place at the right time. With GlarBoard, you can centralize all information of your current ERP’s and equipment. Get total visibility of guides, reports, and others, for a good execution of tasks, and guarantee a good performance of your operators, even while confronting complex tasks.

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Real-time monitoring and control

Monitoring equipment and processes can be complicated due to the different locations between the equipment and the monitoring device. However, when adding IoT sensors through GlarConnect, you can centralize specific information about your equipment on a single platform, being able to access it at any time, providing information so you can continuously improve processes.

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Support all inspection activities

Augment your employees capacity to operate individually. Enable remote expert help for any employee with live sessions with the possibility of 2D and 3D annotations. Support your field operators and get them to do the most complex tasks without risk and extra training. Enable one man operations and reduce errors, increasing security.

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Create safety alerts

Be able to predict large errors, creating alerts that detect changes that cause risk to equipment. Temporary breakdowns, maintenance and quality needs are frequent and need quick answers. With GlarBoard, you can create alerts that anticipate risky behavior, and alert the right person at the right time, reducing downtime times.

Our products
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  • Digitize processes and centralize operational information.

  • Guarantee more visibility and use information to increase knowledge.

  • Make decisions based on facts, reduce tasks and increase efficiency.

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  • Augmented reality (AR) mobility, and real-time information.

  • Realistic training sessions, improved workers preparation.

  • Increase overall productivity with real-time and contextual information.

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  • Ensure expert remote assistance support for your employees.

  • Enable one man operations and reduce the number of workers.

  • Provide field workers with experts know-how when needed, reducing error likelihood.

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  • Diversify information sources by giving a voice to your machinery.

  • Increase the quality and visibility of your processes with a connected system.

  • Achieve better decision making with richer information support.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!